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Why Choose Bar PakTM?
Because no Bar, Tavern or Nightclub is the same as the next, policies in the Bar Pak program are customized to suit each business owner.

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Need more information about Bar PakTM? Contact one of our licensed insurance professionals by phone or email for assistance.
"Bars, taverns and other hospitality companies are core concentrations of Hill & Usher, which is why we find it so important to provide content and information to you on and We are proud to focus squarely on the restaurant and bar industry. The large number of bars and restaurants who choose Hill & Usher can often equate to a sort of "volume" discount for our insurance customers, because the insurance carriers with whom we do business know we are serious about your industry and can deliver them the solid base of premium paying customers they want. If you ever have questions about our company or services, please feel free to contact me anytime."

Richard B. Usher,
Agency Principal
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