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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bar Pak?

Bar Pak is an insurance program designed for owners and operators of bars, taverns, lounges and nightclubs who are based in the United States. Unlike other programs, Bar Pak delivers a choice of insurance policies and providers to the operator. Because carriers offer different levels of coverage and are more competitive for different types of operations, we know that no single insurance company will fit every establishment’s needs.

Who is Hill & Usher?

Hill & Usher is the program designer and manager for Bar Pak. As a retail insurance agency, we also serve as your advocate during the purchase of your policy. We are also available to serve you in the event of a claim or if you have questions concerning your policy. Hill & Usher is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Where do premiums start?

Minimum premiums vary by insurance carrier and state; however, most begin at $1000 to $2,500 annually.

How is my premium calculated?

Premiums are determined by a number of factors, including: Your physical location; value of your insured equipment and other property; number of years in business; annual sales of food, liquor and other income, and previous history of claims.

What coverage is included in a Bar Pak policy?

Generally, your Bar Pak policy will include General Liability, Liquor Liability and Property.

How quickly may I activate coverage?

In most cases, a Hill & Usher representative will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. We are certainly willing to handle urgent inquiries. Please contact 866-GO-COVER to speak to us immediately, or contact us using our online inquiry form.

If I file a claim, will coverage be cancelled or rates increased at renewal?

Today, the bar insurance market is strained by too opposing forces: (1) Many insurance carriers are aggressively pursuing bar and tavern business because of the large number of potential accounts nationwide (and the premium dollars paid collectively); (2) At the same time, intensifying competition among carriers targeting the same pool of bar or tavern policyholders will ultimately result in an overall premium decline. So, this intensifying competition for your business will eventually result in depressed rates, which, at some point, will likely cause the many carriers who once stridently pursued your premium dollars to exit, en masse, the marketplace entirely. A sudden decrease in competition is the primary driving force behind any significant premium increases you might experience in the future.

The short answer, then, is that filing a claim in today’s marketplace, provided it is isolated and not easily prevented will likely NOT result in coverage cancellation or significant premium increases. Many insurance buyers are familiar with stories of insurance carriers dramatically increasing rates following a claim. But, insurance for bars and liquor serving establishments is frankly often viewed as an “all or nothing” proposition for the industry. So long as carriers compete hand over fist for your next policy renewal, you should only expect to see a premium increase that results from losses in the rarest of circumstances.

I have a Landlord requesting “proof of insurance” or “additional insured.” Does Hill & Usher provide that?

Yes, we do. Please contact our office or visit our online service center at http://service.hillusher.com to make your request. We will ask for the name and address of the party making the request as well as if the party is requesting any particular coverage extensions from your policy, like an “additional insured” endorsement or “waiver of subrogation.” We turn around typical requests in 24 hours.

Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes. A multitude of payment plans are available.

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The descriptions of coverage provided to you on this website do not alter or replace the actual policy issued to your firm. For an exact explanation of coverage, please refer to the policy. In the event of a claim, the actual policy in force at the time the loss occurred will dictate coverage and limits.